The InBody 770 is one of the most precise and comprehensive body analysis devices on the market. Bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) is a modern, precise, and rapid method of examination for measuring your body composition. By measuring body resistance in the five separate body segments (arms, legs, trunk), the following parameters can be determined:

  • Weight
  • Muscle percentage
  • Fat percentage
  • Visceral (internal bad fat) fat percentage
  • Protein content
  • Mineral content
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Water distribution
  • Phase angle

Other Key Features:

  • 60 second test
  • No estimations – Only impedance is used to calculate your results, no statistical data needed.
  • Tracks changes on the Body Composition History chart on the result sheet.
  • Provides lean mass values for each body segment.
  • Divides Total Body Water into Intracellular Water and Extracellular.
  • Provides segmental fat and visceral fat analysis.
  • Phase Angle – this is known to be an indicator of cellular integrity. The InBody provides Whole Body Phase Angle and Segmental Phase Angle at 50kHz. The higher the PhA, the healthier cellular integrity is.


Adult Scan


1-hour nutritional consultation


See how you can adapt your diet and what is best for you to lead a healthy lifestyle, this includes access to our gym app which will allow you to track your macros and access its vast exercise library.

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All our staff members are InBody trained and will go through your results with you.

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Printed Results Sheet

Body Composition Analysis:

Body weight is the sum of Total Body Water, Protein, Minerals and Body Fat Mass.


Muscle Fat Analysis:

Skeletal Muscle Mass is the amount of muscle attached to the bones. Body Fat Mass is the sum of subcutaneous fat visceral fat and fat surrounding the muscles.


Obesity Analysis:

BMI is an index used to determine obesity using height and weight. Percentage Body Fat is the percentage of body fat compared to body weight.


Segmental Lean Analysis:

Evaluates whether the muscles are adequately developed in the body. The top bar shows the comparison of muscle to ideal weight while the bottom bar shows that to the current weight.


ECW Ratio Analysis:

The ratio of Extracellular Water to Total Body Water – this is an important indicator of body water balance.


Body Composition History:

Track history of the body compositional change.

InBody Score:

Evaluation of your Body Composition.


Visceral Fat Area:

This is the estimated area of fat surrounding the internal organs in the abdomen.


Weight Control:

See how your body measures up to recommended Weight, Muscle Mass and Body Fat Mass for good balance.


Segmental Fat Analysis:

Evaluates whether the amount of fat is adequately


Research Parameters:

Intra and extracellular water provides information about water in the cells and outside of the cells.
Basal Metabolic Rate – The minimum number of calories to sustain life at a resting rate.


Whole Body Phase Angle:

This is the resistance value measured in the cellular membrane when electrical currents are applied throughout the body.