Genetically, there are the differences that we all see, such as eye and hair colour, but there are also the differences we don’t see, how we metabolise nutrients for example, the way we deal with toxins, how well
we react to different types of exercise – we all interact with the environment in our own unique way.

Whether you’re looking to shape up, build muscle or just want to eat a little healthier, your genetics hold valuable information about the best way to do this, just for you. Your DNA has a big influence on many factors which affect your fitness
and weight, including:

• Whether your most suited to power or endurance type training
• Your injury risk and the recovery time needed between training
• Your sensitivity to carbohydrates and saturated fats
• The best diet type to suit your genotype
• Your daily micronutrients requirements (vitamin b, d, omega 3) and
anti-oxidant need
• Your detoxification ability – how well your body removes toxins
• How you process and react to caffeine, alcohol, lactose and salt
• And more!

It’s a non-intrusive process that takes minutes via a home-test saliva swab kit. Once the test has been analysed by DNA scientists, it will be sent back to your PT who will explain the results to you. Customers will receive a detailed report(s) and infographic outlining the results, plus a consultation to explain what it all means. Along with your results you will receive a tailor-made fitness programme (not for diet alone) to fit what your genes dictate, with guidance and tips for optimising your health and fitness. After your DNA has been analysed, you will receive (depending on option purchased):