This transformation challenge teaches you how to safely lose body fat and build muscle whilst learning all about health, fitness, and nutrition. You will receive full support, weekly training sessions and 3 body scans worth £60. The challenge lasts 30 days and includes 1 Month Gym and Classes. The biggest loss wins 3 months membership!

This 30-day programme includes:

InBody full body scan at day 1 and 30

Plus, an extra aftercare scan at day 60

Measurements and progress photos

Food plans + recipe e-books

Training plan

Weekly team training sessions

Food and fitness education

Private Facebook group for extra support

30 days full gym use and unlimited classes

Biggest loss wins 3 months gym membership worth £75!

Success Stories

Just finished my 4-week transformation and I’ve got to say it’s brilliant, Amy’s taught me absolutely everything about good and bad foods. I’ve always gone by weight loss on the scales, but it really isn’t all about that the scans which the gym offer are brilliant and makes you think about everything, not just weight loss. All the team are fantastic and encourage you to feel great and the members are also so friendly and kind so going alone isn’t a problem. Thank you so much for everything Bfit fantastic gym’


‘Totally recommend this! Amy is amazing and helps and encourages you every step of the way. My self-esteem has come on a lot since doing the challenge so if anyone is thinking of doing it just take the leap and do it! You won’t regret it.’


‘I completed the September transformation and was so happy with the results I got. Although I hadn’t really got any weight to lose, I wanted to tone up and get more motivated with eating good food and exercising. Amy is fantastic, she gives you so much great information and is always there to help and guide you through. Being in a small group is also really beneficial as everyone helps each other and shares recipes etc… I lost lots of inches and reduced my visceral fat in just 4 weeks so although it can be a challenging programme it is so worth the effort! I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to make a change X’


‘First of all, thank-you for being amazing Amy! I could not have done what I have done without you, your help and support has made me determined to be a WAY healthier version of me! Just so whoever is reading this I was a large girl I went to B-Fit especially for the challenge as I was sick of yo-yo dieting or starving myself to see results. (Can I just emphasise on the ‘was’ a large girl) as I have lost a lot since doing this challenge and I am happier and happier every day and also so proud of myself for doing so well I have so much more self-confidence!! The scans are so good as they are so knowledgeable into every arm every leg, so you know exactly what you have to improve on! At first you feel like a deer in head lights after a while you get used to it… don’t ever panic as help or guidance is only a message away…

This challenge is not a diet it is not calorie counting it is not anything you have ever done before…I will be honest now and say I didn’t fill in the daily food plans sometimes but I knew in myself what I needed to do and you will too! You know not to eat that bar of chocolate or that bag of crisps so as long as you are helping yourself you will be on the right track. But even if you are not don’t hesitate to contact Amy as it is not an inquisition, Amy is there to help and advice in the best way possible.

You have no idea how much your help and encouragement has meant to me! For all the little and the big things, you have got me doing I whole heartedly thank-you! Who would have ever thought I would be running on a treadmill?! This is all down to you and your kindness and putting up with me when I say there’s no way, I can do that, lol! You make me believe in myself!

You went above and beyond, and I am touched and grateful!’


The lady in the photo above completed the transformation challenge.  At the end of the challenge she lost 5.5kg (11.2lb) in weight but most importantly, of that weight she lost 4.5kg of pure body fat (no water or muscle was lost). Her visceral fat (internal bad fats) went from 107.9 to 84.3 which was incredible.

With the right guidance and 100% commitment, you can achieve your desired results!



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